Our Services and Fees


About our Consultation Fees: Unlike many other firms out there we don’t charge by the hour. We charge based on experience, market research, and demand. We also provide upfront pricing, this means you will know our fees prior to us beginning any consultations.

See below for the different types of consultations we offer which are both in-person or virtually for our our of state clients. Each consultation is tailored to your own individual needs.

talk to a Tax Pro

Have specific personal tax question or scenario? Run it by us and we will help you to the best of our ability for just $195.

This is for specific personal tax questions only, for Tax Planning and Business Consultations see below.

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Tax Planning

Did you owe the IRS a lot of money in taxes last year? We can help! With Tax Planning we present you with strategies tailored to your needs in order to reduce your tax burden and increase your tax savings for the following year.  

Tax Planning is best suitable for Self-Employed individuals, high income earners, or anyone who wants to reduce their tax burden.

Our fee for identifying and helping you implement a solution to your overpaying tax problems is 20% of what we are able estimate in savings of which a $500 deposit due upfront.

Stop overpaying the IRS!

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Business Consultations

Do you have a business idea and want to make sure you get your business started the right way? Did you already start a fast growing business and need guidance on whats next? 

I am not just a tax professional, I have helped many entrepreneurs and small business owners start their own side hustles, second sources of income, and small businesses. 

In our business consultations we cover;

Business Entity options, Taxes, IRS/State/City compliance, Personal Finance, goal setting, social media marketing, and much more!

All for just $695!

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Tax Preparation Services

About our Tax Preparation Fees: Unlike many other firms out there we don’t charge by the hour or by the form. What we do is provide upfront pricing, this means you will know our fees prior to us beginning any work.

Once we have all or at least all material information needed to prepare your tax return we can determine our fee based on your unique needs. Our fees comes down to two things; the time it will take us to prepare, review and finalize the tax return, and on the complexity of the services needed.

Pricing subject to change, adjusted to meet individual clients unique needs and discounted when multiple services utilized. We work with all clients to determine how we can work together to meet their tax and accounting needs at a price they can afford. Fees are determined and agreed upon once all information is received and prior to beginning any work. Tax preparation fees do not include representation or audit support.

Final copy of the tax return and e-filing will not be provided until balance is paid in full.

tax Return Preparation Fees

We have clients in different states across the nation thanks to our Virtual and Paperless Tax Services. We also have an office site for in-office appointments where we provide an exceptional service you can trust! 

Our tax preparation service includes both federal and state tax returns.

  • Personal Tax Return- $275+

  • Self Employed Tax Return- $475+

  • Single Member LLC Tax Return- $675+

  • Extensions- $50

  • Partnership, Corporation, SCorp - $1,475+

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Other Services

Employer ID Application

$85 — Employer ID application for your business. 

1099 Form

$25 — 1099 Form preparation and e-filing

S corp Tax election

$250 — Filing for Election to be taxed as S Corp (assuming you already have an LLC or Corp).


Monthly Bookkeeping Services $250+ per month . Price varies based on size of business and transactions.


Includes filing of payroll taxes and handing out w-2’s to employees. Price varies.

Financial Coaching  

Having trouble with your finances? Is debt taking over? Want to learn how to manage your money?

Set yourself up for a better financial future and invest in financial coaching. We go over your specific situation and I present you with a road map to your financial freedom.

Our personal finance consultation is only $395 and will show you how to tackle your finances on your own.

Follow up Financial Coaching sessions to check on your progress are only $99 per session.

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